Permanetly Moving . . .

So much going on and so little time… I’ve decided it’s time to close down this website for a variety of reasons, but primarily due to some family members’ health situations that require my attention – and issues that are not going away any time soon as they are terminal. As such, I’ve not been able to adequately maintain this website for quite some time.

In the meantime, I will continue to provide posts on my Facebook Page, similarly named Peggy Lea Baker, but with some modifications to accommodate that website. The Duplicity Series is still actively underway with more books on target to publish over the next several months and on into 2021. Altogether, I will still be able to connect with readers and other writers, but on a less stressful scale for me.

Writing has been and will continue to be a passion for me ~ and a great escape from life’s ongoing challenges. In the meantime, thank you for your interest in my writing endeavors and I hope to ‘see’ you at Facebook!

This website will permanently close on September 19, 2020

Embrace the Fall Season

Living on the western fringes of the United States, seasonal changes aren’t quite as dramatic here as they are for so many folks in other parts of the world. Here, we do enjoy changing colors of foliage, along with brisk fall temperatures, rain in various doses, and even snow – in some cases a lot of it. And we notice how the sun begins to cut different patterns of light across the landscape, now that the Earth has transitioned to a different location in its orbit. All of it is generally predictable and in most cases eagerly anticipated.

When I was growing up, fall meant the ushering in of a new school year; eager anticipation of upcoming holidays, such as Hallowe’en, Thanksgiving, and Christmas; with each one leading into fun activities and festive parties with family and friends.

Fall also offers its own unique and wonderful sights and smells out of doors, but inside, the tempting fragrances of baked foods, such as cookies, breads, pies and cakes, seemed to suggest a time of togetherness. The mingling aromas of a Baked ham and apple dumplings, with cinnamon, nutmeg, and cloves, topped of with something chocolate, tends to draw people together; all paying tribute to long-held family and cultural traditions. This are a few of my favorite memories of this time of year.

But wherever we live, whatever time of year, whatever our traditions, beliefs, hopes, dreams or desires – our memories can and should be some of the best and most treasured moments of any given day. And if we struggle with the ability to conjure up pleasant ones, then make them. We should be making good memories every day – in spite of challenges, small or tremendous.

Embrace, cherish, and when appropriate, share your memories, your traditions, you beliefs, and any other good things with others you know or will meet. Because together, we can discover our commonalities as much as our differences, but in a way to develop and forge deeper bonds of friendship, compassion, and love towards others.

It’s Been a Little too Quiet around here…

But that is about to change

‘Transitioning’ (aka: retirement) is a grand thing! I say transition, rather that retire, because I was already tired… of a job… a stale routine… and more. In other words, I wasn’t interested in getting re-tired. I just wanted to get my life back!

My transition has allowed me to do just that. I’ve been able to refocus on what is most important to me. My husband, number one, as well as family and friends. But along with that was the need to really immerse myself into my writing. It had become a struggle trying to balance home, family, work, and writing. Whoever came up the insane notion of ‘multi-tasking’ was crazy!

Anyway, now that I’m my own boss, so to speak, things are changing. I can set my own hours, write for as long or little as I choose, and get other things done as well – but on my terms. So, yes, it’s happening!

This coming July – right around the corner, actually – I am launching a whole new series: Duplicity. The series will include eight novels. Two are re-edits that have been free at and the other six are brand new. Four are ready and waiting and the first one will be a re-edited and re-designed version of the original Desperate Rescue. Within this next month, watch for Duplicity: Book 1 – a Desperate Rescue – 2nd Edition at Smashwords. Following that, a new novel, Duplicity: Book 2 – a Relentless Pursuit is due to launch later this fall.

I am excited about this rebirth, so-to-speak. And I’ll share more about these first two books and the additional books of the series in upcoming posts, so check back. Thanks for stopping by.

Silence Isn’t Necessarily Golden

“… to everything, there is a season and a time…”

Very true.  Our individual seasons and times force us to face challenges every day.  One thing after another tends to either sneak in, whether we’re ready or not, or it is an unavoidable aspect of our day-to-day routine.  Sneaky and unexpected interruptions are one thing, but in my case, one day-to-day thing stood between me and my passion for writing – my job.  It screamed for my attention.  Consequently, this website fell into a tarnished and dull state of silence with little to no posts or other activity.

A job.  It is generally necessary for most of us to be employed.  I was grateful to have a job, but finding ample time to write was difficult.  I would stay up late – often into the early morning hours writing – and manage to get a few hours sleep, before resuming the daily ritual of rising to an alarm clock and heading off to work once again.  My writing was progressing (albeit slowly), but at the same time, this website was in dire need of the attention I was unable to adequately provide.

Change.  Yes, things have changed.  I am now officially retired.  Correction: I have transitioned.  I don’t care for the word, retired.  I was already tired.  I had no desire to get re-tired.  So I have happily transitioned from many years as an employee to that of an independent woman free to use my days as I choose.

Time.  I now have the luxury of time to pursue a serious writing career.  It’s no longer a hobby.  I did gain a lot of experience and knowledge during those years working for other people and companies and I used my writing skills for job-related purposes.  And among all that, I also had years of opportunity to study people; some of whom have found their way into my books (names have been changed, of course).  Looking back, however, I can say it’s been good.

A new season.  Yes, a new season, indeed.  Moving forward, watch for more frequent posts – updates on my writing progress; upcoming publication announcements; perhaps some writing tutorials; and hopefully more.  Either way, I’m looking forward to this new season in my life… one not so silent but definitely more golden.